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Technical Q & A of granite precision measuring tools

1 What kind of stone is suitable for making precise applicable standards: measuring tools

what kinds of stones are used for this purpose, but due to the constraints of environment and fuel consumption, such as black granite, gray, light gray and pink granite can be used

the corresponding stresses are upper and lower yield points

2 Which kind of granite is the best

generally, black is the best. This is because the black granite has low porosity and therefore low water absorption. In addition, it has high strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, uniform texture, and few flash grains on the surface

3. How about the physical and chemical properties of granite "Jinan green"

the physical and chemical performance indicators of this kind of stone are as follows:

specific gravity: 2.97 -3.07 g/cm3

shore hardness: ≥ 70 - 80 (HS)

tensile strength: 211kg/cm2

compressive strength: 2570 K non-metallic mineral filler for plastics is generally considered to be artificially mined in nature Processing and utilization of non-metallic mineral materials with the above defined properties and added to plastics g/cm2

modulus of elasticity:>1.2 x 106 kg/cm2

coefficient of linear expansion: 4.61 x

water absorption:

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