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Canon series laser printer network printing settings

many people may ask whether the printer network printing is not very simple. It's OK to set it as sharing, but this is only network printing in the ordinary sense. For example, you have two computers to form a peer, only one computer has a printer, and the other uses this printer through network sharing, but what if the computer with the printer is not turned on, The printer card will solve your problem. If the printer is equipped with a card, it will have an independent IP address. Just like a computer, it can realize network printing without relying on the computer. This is the real network printing. Maybe many people are unfamiliar with this. It doesn't matter. Let's take Canon laser printer as an example. Let's implement it together

1. Remove the card on the machine and find the physical address label marked on the card, such as "00:80:92 b5:a4". The label may be on the outside interface of the card or on the circuit board inside the card

2. Enter MS-DOS of windows, c: (assign IP address to printer)

run: ARP -s 00:80:92 b5:a4 [Enter]

note: is the IP address of the laser printer I assigned to me. Your IP address segment may not be 168.192.10, depending on your situation

3. In windows2000/xp, you can click in "start" to open the "run" column, enter: ARP -s

00:80:92 b5:a4 [OK]

after the system executes the above command, check whether the IP address assigned to the printer is effective:

execution: Ping [Enter] *

if the feedback information is correct, it indicates that the assigned IP has been effective. Otherwise, restart the printer, and then execute: Ping

[enter] (you can also click in the "start" of windows to open the "run" column, and enter: Ping [OK])

4. When the above method still fails to set the IP for the printer, you can only print out the original IP address of the machine first: for example, for the setting of lbp880, press the online light off on the panel, press the left and right arrow keys, and select the "setup print" menu to print out the following information:

* * * configuration report * * *

tcp/ip protocol: enable

IP address: (that is, the original IP address)

(other information is omitted)

root password: "(the password to enter telnet is" ", that is, enter)

5. Execute in Windows" run ": telnet command

(Note: the IP of the computer should also be set to the same segment: enter or click" OK "and the following interface appears:

the computer screen shows that it is connecting to (about 1/100 seconds of the rapid development of the automotive industry)

************************************************************************************************************* (software company information and version)

login: (please enter "root" after ":, and then press enter, and the following interface will appear) (login means" login ")

password: [enter enter enter]

no. message value (level.2)


1: tcp/ip protocol: enable

2: IP address: your printer's IP address

3: subnet mask: you can refer to Wu'an capacity trading platform construction experience

4: gateway address: 0.0.0

5: RARP protocol: disable

6: BOOTP protocol: disable

7: root password: ""

99 : Back to prior menu

Please selec(1 - 99)? 2 [Enter]

IP address (x)? [after entering the previous red number, press Enter]

no. message value (level.2)

------------------------------------------------------------ when there is external stimulation --

1: tcp/ip protocol: enable

2: IP address:

3: subnet mask: 255.255.0

4: gateway address: 0.0.0

5: RARP protocol: disable

6: BOOTP protocol: disable

7: root password"

99: back to priority menu

please selec (1 - 99)

99 (enter 99) [enter] exit

after entering the code before root password, change the original IP address to according to the prompt and the content in the upper left corner above, and then exit according to the prompt

6. Next, install the driver

under WIN2000 and WinXP, you don't need to install the driver of Canon LBP. Don't add a new printer in "Add Printer". You just need to directly run the win2k/xp installer of LBP (double-click the setup file). All the way from "next" to "add/delete..." In the drop-down menu, find the printer you need to install "canon

laser shot printer lbp-xxx", click it, click " the printer list for driver

install", and in the blank column below it, "Canon laser shot lbp-xxx" immediately appears, please click "OK". After clicking "next", the interface appears: port setting You must click the circle before "add port". Then click "Settings..." English words. At this time, another dialog box pops up: local port | standard tcp/ip port. Please click "OK" after selecting standard tcp/ip port. The computer immediately pops up another dialog box: "add port". Please input according to your assigned IP address in the "printer name or IP address (a)" column (for example, I input:, and then click "next". In the transformation dialog box, find the downward triangle on the far right of "standard type", click it, and a drop-down menu will appear. Please go up and find "Canon LBP", click it, click "next", and then click "finish" later. The dialog box will close immediately and return to the installation interface just now. At this time, you need to click "next" to enter the next step:

printer: Canon lbp-880 driver:canon laser shot lbp-xxx port: (that is, the IP address just assigned). Please click "start" again; Suddenly, a dialog box (the content is omitted) asks you "yes" or "no", and you must click "yes". When the installer finishes the task, you can choose to restart or not

remind everyone not to use the installation method of adding printers, but to use the built-in installation program

since then, after installation, experience the fun of network printing. You may not be able to handle it

source: Chinese printing community

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