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The necessity of the later maintenance of the testing machine

due to the increasingly fierce competition between the municipal formlabs and 3shape company, the prices of the testing machine on the market are very different, and the quality is also uneven. Many customers buy the testing machine whose quality cannot be guaranteed because of greed, which leads to greater losses. So here I will analyze the market situation of the testing machine for the majority of customers, hoping to help you

in recent years, the competition of experimental instruments has been quite fierce, but you may notice that various consumer complaints are emerging one after another in this industry It is mainly reflected in the poor after-sales quality or after-sales shrinkage of purchased goods In fact, we can see the true colors through phenomena The essential reasons are the same fierce competition. The price is too low Quality and service will be greatly reduced At present, there are also some unskilled technologies in the experimental equipment industry No scale No strength of the three no manufacturers Rely on low price strategy to produce and sell inferior products Its products are of poor quality but low price But the low price also hides traps When it comes to maintenance, it will show its true colors What's more, some of them are transmitted to the computer through RS232 at the same time, and there are no after-sales four no manufacturers Often I can't find someone when the equipment has problems and needs maintenance

fierce competition often makes manufacturers and salespeople helpless to compress profits Only in this way can we succeed in the face of many customers who blindly seek low prices However, many manufacturers without scale and strength are worrying about after-sales Our after-sales department of Haida Instrument Co., Ltd. often receives inquiries about whether it can repair 1million test units of other brands in China on behalf of us; Carbon fiber can be used to manufacture body structural parts, covering parts, automobile rims, drive shafts and other parts In fact, the staffing of each manufacturer will be carried out according to their own production and sales needs Regular manufacturers do not have extra manpower to repair equipment not produced by themselves

And constantly from small to large or from large to small

when customers buy test equipment, the first thing they need to see is not the price of the machine, but the after-sales service and maintenance guarantee. Only when the quality of the machine is guaranteed, can it be used with confidence, so as to save costs and avoid further trouble

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