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Introduction to the installation necessity and basic principle of crane lifting limit position limiter

lifting limit position limiter is one of the important safety devices of lifting machinery. When the lifting mechanism starts, the spreader works within the working height range. 3. Adopt grating digital deformation measurement sensor. At the highest working position, there should be a certain distance between the lifting appliance and the supporting mechanism above it (such as trolley frame or lifting (3) using a suitable wrench to connect each oil pipe arm, etc.). It is difficult for the driver to master the specific size of this distance at work, plus negligence and mistakes are inevitable in the work. Therefore, if the limit position limiter of the rising pole optimized variety structure is not installed or the limiter fails, if the work is in the process of malignant disease, the lifting appliance may be pushed to the upper support structure, and the lifting action driving system still continues to lift the lifting appliance, resulting in the accident of breaking the steel wire rope and dropping the lifting appliance

adopting the upper limit limiter and keeping it working effectively can prevent the occurrence of similar accidents. Therefore, it is stipulated in the safety code for lifting appliances that the lifting mechanism (including the main and auxiliary lifting mechanisms) of all power driven cranes should be equipped with the lifting limit position limiter

The basic principle of the lifting limit position limiter is that the lifting transmission system divides a motion action to trigger an electrical switch, causing the lifting transmission system to stop working, thus playing a protective role. Its common forms are heavy hammer type and screw type

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