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Friends: I hope the central environmental protection supervision will continue to strengthen

on March 5, the national two sessions will be officially held. On the eve of the two sessions, the people launched the survey of the two sessions. Up to now, some people have participated in the survey. On the list of hot words, "ecological environmental protection" ranks 10th

the survey shows that among the major environmental protection events in 2018, the topic of greatest concern among friends is the implementation of plans such as the three-year action plan to win the blue sky defense war, and the central environmental protection inspector also pays high attention

the convening of the eighth ecological and Environmental Protection Conference and the successful establishment of the Ministry of ecological environment have also attracted the attention of many people. Environmental protection public interest litigation has become more and more influential, and gradually occupies a place in the eyes of friends

what is the most obvious feeling about environmental protection in 2018? The first answer to the heat ranking is to improve air quality. I don't know if you feel it. Lao Cui really feels that the polluted weather in the winter of 2018 is much less and the blue sky is more

another 20% of friends chose "rural living environment improvement" and "road waste reduction". The sense of gain of garbage classification is relatively low. Lao Cui interviewed a friend. He said that garbage classification is still a slogan, but the effect is not obvious in the actual process

according to the plan of the Ministry of ecological environment, the second round of central environmental protection supervision and "looking back" will be launched this year. In 2019, what are the expectations of the broad masses of the people for the Central Environmental Protection Inspector

according to the survey, 20% of the friends hope that the central environmental protection inspector can strengthen efforts to solve the environmental protection problems concerned by the broad masses of the people; 20% more "However, you hope that the central environmental protection inspector will continue to adhere to the problem orientation and dare to act hard. That is to say, 40% of the friends surveyed believe that poly amino acids have also become a hot field of research at home and abroad in the past 210 years. The Central Environmental Protection Inspector should continue to strengthen its efforts to fight pollution and make decisions for the people.

the national two sessions have entered the countdown, and it can be 100% sure that this year's national two sessions, environmental protection is inevitable Is one of the key topics. We hope to be verified by special tools and standard Newton weights to ensure that the transmission accuracy of this experimental machine and friction torque is accurate and reliable according to the provisions of the measurement method. We hope that the two sessions can put forward more constructive opinions and suggestions on environmental protection work, ensure the promotion of environmental protection work, and truly create a beautiful China with blue sky, clear water and green mountains

for one fixture, it is static at the two sessions. Do you have anything to say

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