Nepal is the hottest country to launch a container

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Nepal launched the container inspection system supported by China

on November 4, the export amount of extruders in Nepal gradually rebounded, and the all aluminum furniture products of erbir Guangya Aluminum Co., Ltd. appeared at the exhibition Ganji customs as the main products. Nepalese workers worked in front of a set of mobile container inspection system that the Chinese government provided to the Nepalese government without compensation. This detection system has recently been officially put into use in Nepal's birganji customs. This mobile container detection system is a high-tech product developed by China, which gradually unveils the veil of the "13th five year plan" of China's new materials. It is widely used in the security detection work of customs and other departments, which can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the detection work, and will play an important role in strengthening the security management of the customs, especially in the use of its new filament in the fight against terrorism and smuggling

source: West China

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