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Sichuan Pingchang quantitative packaging products nearly half are unqualified

Sichuan Pingchang Bureau of Quality Supervision recently conducted a special inspection on quantitative packaging products (commercial) products. All testing laboratories must calibrate their testing equipment items for supervision and inspection, and nearly 50% of the unqualified products. In this inspection, 7 quantitative packaging product production enterprises and 75 sales malls, stores and supermarkets in the county were selected, and 58 varieties in 15 categories, such as food, tea, agricultural materials, condiments and daily consumer goods, were sampled and tested. A total of 91 samples were obtained through laboratory experiments. After testing, 46 samples are qualified, with a qualification rate of 50.5%. According to the inspection, the enterprises with complete production equipment and advanced technology have relatively accurate measurement of packaged products, and the measurement deviation of packaged products such as food and daily necessities produced by some small factories is relatively large. The Bureau will further investigate and deal with the illegal acts found in the inspection

As a result, the experimental results are high and low, fluctuating, and have large deviations.

for the convenience of customers' inquiries, we interpret them according to the classification of Jinan Hengxu experimental machine

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