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GM Series absolute value encoder has passed the high-level dust-proof and waterproof IP67 certification.

the GM Series absolute value encoder produced by Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. has made some progress. Recently, it passed the certification test of housing dust-proof and waterproof IP67. The test was conducted by Shanghai Instrumentation automatic control system inspection and testing institute. The test was accredited by the inspection agency of the national certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA), China Classification Society (CCS) product inspection and experiment institution, Lloyd's Classification Society (Lioyd's) accredited laboratory and other domestic and foreign certification and accreditation

gm series absolute value encoder shell can meet the high-grade industrial protection standards for carbon fiber body panels or upholstery parts and water immersion protection on such expensive sports cars as IP67. In the dust-proof and waterproof IP67 of the housing, 6 means that the encoder housing is immersed in talc powder for 30 minutes under a low pressure of 20 mbar, and 7 means that the distance from the bottom of the sample to the water surface is at least 1m after the encoder is placed in the immersion tank. The distance from the top of the sample to the water surface shall be at least 0.15 m for 30 minutes, and there shall be no water immersion that can cause damage

injection molding has also been successfully used to mold some thermosetting plastic GM Series absolute value encoders. It has a high-grade industrial protection design. According to market research, this grade is the highest protection grade of similar encoder products (including imported brands) in the domestic market, which is better than Japanese and Korean brands in the Chinese market. GM Series absolute value encoder is suitable for different places, including outdoor, wilderness and other harsh environmental conditions, from automatic control, factory workshop management to outdoor, marine operation ships and high tide wet environment, and meets the application requirements of military grade. It has been applied to vehicle mounted radar, warship, radar and other military and aerospace equipment

gm series absolute value encoder application examples

various applications include

outdoor length, angle and position control

plant workshop length, angle and position control

gate opening of water conservancy projects, synchronous deviation correction

ship anti sway

military radar, military ships and artillery

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