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On the afternoon of December 10, glory released a new "frightening" technology in Hong Kong, which is not just one, but three extreme technologies with milestone significance for the industry. These three technologies are link turbo full network aggregation technology, off screen camera technology and 48million pixel AI ultra clear photography technology

link turbo all network aggregation technology

so the problem is, what the hell is this link turbo? Link turbo all network aggregation technology is a system level multi-channel link protocol: mp-atp, which is developed by glorious engineers after years of iterative development and experiments. It can adopt different working modes for different pain point scenarios

"intelligent link shunting mode" can intelligently select a suitable network for shunting key data. For example, when using Alipay, if low-quality Wi Fi cannot meet the payment needs, it will pay intelligently through the cellular network, while other applications will still remain on the Wi Fi; The "intelligent link aggregation mode" enables users to send and receive data through two links at the same time under Wi Fi and cellular networks, so as to ensure low delay of key data and meet high-throughput business scenarios, such as games and high-quality video

to put it simply, link turbo solves the use experience of the following two scenarios: first, when connecting to the WiFi background for downloading, WiFi congestion is caused by occupying the network channel. At this time, there will be obvious network delay when opening applications such as payment, Tiktok, etc; Second, connect to WiFi in public. It seems that the WiFi signal is very strong, but in fact the WiFi rate is very slow. Link turbo can then invest R & D resources for product development and verification. In these two scenarios, it can intelligently allocate WiFi and cellular data resources to ensure smooth network for each application in multi task scenarios

it is worth mentioning that mp-atp is a system level protocol. In the future, when the cellular network is upgraded to 5g, mp-atp can still play the same role. At present, consumers can experience the intelligent link diversion mode first in glory Magic2, specifically supporting such scenarios as Alipay/payment, audio/video call, message/circle of friends, Tiktok, Didi taxi, Mobi scanning code entry, etc. The debut of link turbo on glory Magic2 also marks that glory Magic2's self-developed technology has grown again, and its self-developed technology will increase to 10

the third generation of full screen - enchanting eye full screen

the second "frightening technology" is the third generation of full screen - it is called "enchanting eye full screen" by glory. The full view screen of Meiyan fully embeds the front camera under the screen. The screen is not perforated. When the screen is stopped, the front is simple and pure. When the screen is lit, the display area is more comprehensive. Behind the magic eye full view screen is the industry's first off screen camera technology. In order to better user experience, glory has adopted a more difficult "blind hole" scheme. The aperture is only 4.5mm, far lower than the 6mm through hole scheme

behind the extreme aperture is the extreme process level and design ability, including the industry's top dispensing process, strict assembly accuracy of the whole machine, specially customized front camera devices, etc. In order to ensure the perfect balance between visual beauty and self shooting effect, Meiyan full screen has spawned a number of patented technologies, involving the implementation scheme of full screen display mobile terminal, LCD device, camera bracket positioning and dust prevention methods

the world's first 4800 universal self diagnostic fault pixels Sony imx586 camera

glory not only made a breakthrough in the communication field and off-screen camera technology, but also refreshed the limit of high-definition photography. Sony imx586 sensor is adopted for the first time in the world. It has 48million physical pixels, f1.8 aperture, 1/2.0 inch CMOS, and supports hardware direct output of 48m photos

not only the sensor quality is excellent, but also the dual channel ISP of Kirin 980, which improves the image processing ability by 46%. In addition, combined with the 48million AI ultra clear optimization technology developed by glory, the original high-definition 48million pixel photos are optimized into 48million AI ultra clear photos with more incisive details, and the photo quality is further improved to professional cameras

as mentioned above, glory Magic2 is the model that glory first supports some of the capabilities of link turbo technology. Now consumers can enjoy the convenience brought by link turbo technology, and further tap the potential of glory Magic2. In addition to the 9 cutting-edge technologies previously carried, such as yoyo, graphene heat dissipation technology, 3D bionic photosensitive technology, glory Magic2 has become a Decathlon Player

then the question arises again. When will the other two frightening technologies appear? Don't worry, the glory official also gave the answer. The new off-screen camera technology is a common difficulty faced by filter material enterprises. The 48million AI ultra clear photography technology that refreshes the HD limit has a long process of equipment commissioning and customer certification evaluation. It will be launched on the new glory V20. The full function of link turbo full network aggregation technology will also be applied to the new V20

the official press conference of glory V20 equipped with three extreme technologies will be held in Beijing on December 26. At that time, Hu Ge, the spokesman of glory, will come to the scene in person to bring you a science and technology feast with glory

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