The hottest global warming is reduced to black hum

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Global warming has become a "black humor" low-carbon life. It is not just a talk.

global warming is a sensitive topic. It is also a new version of "long-term" that can be heard from time to time. It is said that "a hundred years' worth of work will soon be ruined". How long will it take for climate warming brought about by human activities to be suspended or even reversed

recently, the US team of scientists found through model prediction that global warming will lead to more active pests such as locusts and caterpillars, and pests are one of the important reasons for the reduction of world food supply. In other words, global warming has a disastrous impact on the world's food supply. At present, the climate science report has been published in the American journal Science

coincidentally, there is an article entitled "ten endangered foods" in the June issue of the Spanish monthly interest. The author Elena sans mentioned in the article that the latest research points out that if climate change is not controlled, bananas, avocados, strawberries and other common foods will become less and less, and become "luxury" or even disappear forever

in fact, global warming has brought us far more problems than the reduction of grain, fruits and vegetables. Some of them are even the problems we are facing. Foreign media reported that the world's famous climate scientists recently said that extreme heat waves and wildfires that have caused serious damage around the world are "manifestations of climate change", and the impact of global warming is now "real-time". In other words, we often joke that the "barbecue" weather is directly related to global warming

it can be said that the reports on the research results of climate change and greenhouse effect in recent days have guided the conclusion like a direction - global warming is affecting our lives and threatening our operation. In the face of global warming, it is obvious that we should not sit idly by and think that environmental monitoring has a long way to go

global warming has become "black humor"

with the development of Internet, the speed of people receiving information and the breadth of spreading information have been significantly improved. At the same time, there are more and more stories about life. Among them, the hot weather can be said to be contracted for the whole summer. But what is frightening is that these hot stories are related to high-carbon life and global warming. They say that what is abnormal about the electronic tensile testing machine and how to prevent the errors of the testing machine are unclear and unclear. In other words, global warming seems to be a kind of "black humor" among people, bringing us a desperate smile

how serious is the problem caused by global warming? Endangering the environment and life. According to incomplete data statistics, in recent years, the body size of organisms has become smaller and worse, which is directly related to global warming. Moreover, on the one hand, global warming will increase the reproduction of viruses and bacteria, causing disease outbreaks; On the other hand, global warming will cause algae flooding and threaten the ecological environment

low carbon life is not just talk.

one of the important reasons for global warming is the excessive emission of carbon dioxide. In other words, to improve global warming and reduce carbon emissions is an important part, which also promotes the word "low carbon life" into our lives. The so-called low-carbon life is to reduce the consumption of material and energy in life, which is significantly reflected in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

the main way of low-carbon life mainly focuses on three links: electricity saving, solar terms and recycling. It can be turning on the air conditioner by one degree and turning down the water temperature by one degree, or eating less takeout and bringing their own bowls and chopsticks. The important thing is to take action

environmental monitoring has a long way to go

doctors pay attention to seeing, hearing, and asking about each other when treating diseases, and environmental governance is also a truth. If you want to control global warming, an essential link is to understand the source and situation of global warming. At present, there are many detection and monitoring instruments for the atmospheric environment - on the one hand, the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration detector can help us understand the changes of carbon dioxide in the environment; On the other hand, it will account for more than 1.5% of the total mileage of high-speed railways in the world. Thermometers and hygrometers can help us count the basic environmental parameters. In addition, we can also use the atmospheric multi parameter monitor to make long-term analysis of environmental data at different environmental nodes, or establish a detection system to systematically monitor and control the regional environment. In short, the most important thing is to make good use of the existing instruments, expand the environmental monitoring and make a fine peel strength testing machine, so as to "watch, hear and ask" the environment to improve global warming

conclusion: Heaven's evil deeds can still be forgiven; You can't live without doing evil. I believe that in the face of global warming, human beings should save themselves. This is respect for the environment and the future of mankind

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