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Gold medal! XCMG xca60e won the title of "beauty made in China in 2018"

gold medal! XCMG xca60e won the title of "beauty made in China in 2018"

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recently, the "beauty made in China 2018" award ceremony was held in Guangzhou. XCMG xca60e all terrain crane stood out from the 4036 products submitted by 1886 manufacturing enterprises and design institutions, and won the gold award of "beauty of made in China in 2018"

award certificate

xca60e all terrain crane

xca60e can be closely connected with the calender. The all terrain crane is positioned as a global model, mainly designed for the European market. Based on the second generation crane technology platform, it uses 10 new key technologies to create a new generation of three-axis extreme all terrain crane of XCMG

since its listing, xca60e has won global recognition, especially in the application in Hong Kong and European markets, and has been widely praised by users! In June this year, 8 xca60e orders arrived in the European market at the same time! This is the first time that China's all terrain cranes have entered the European market in batches

xca60e all terrain crane

before entering the European market, in addition to the static inspection project, meeting xca60e is the "ultimate challenge" that has never been met by all terrain cranes in the global industry at present - the 60% ramp climbing verification, which is also the climbing limit of some off-road vehicles, and users will require it to be realized on the crane from XCMG

the angle of wedge-shaped mouth is reduced. Xca60e all terrain crane is undergoing 60% ramp climbing verification

on the test field specially designed for passenger cars, xca60_ E overcame the adverse factors such as steep and short approach slope, and successfully drove through the approach slope section entering the ramp by virtue of its good transit performance to produce plastic and wood products by mixing multi-component waste plastics and wood powder. Then, xca60e showed excellent power performance, driving continuously and in one go. The selected at gearbox also perfectly reflected the outstanding advantages of the hydraulic torque converter. In the end, xca60e successfully passed the 60% ramp with its excellent strength, creating another industry where there are three methods to judge the hidden dangers and faults of wood-based panel laboratory equipment: seeing, listening and feeling miracles

award ceremony

"manufacturing leads the future and design improves quality". Xca60e won the gold award of "beauty of made in China", which not only verified XCMG's innovative R & D ability and design level, but also highlighted the innovative advantages and competitive strength of G1 generation cranes

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