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The most transparent flexible label of global MDO

global MDO is a soft film self-adhesive label material, which can be combined with the blending of glass fiber and inorganic fillers to say that it is the most transparent flexible label in the pressure-sensitive label industry so far, with excellent performance in many application fields. With its excellent permeability, flexibility, high label output and unprecedented environmental protection characteristics, it helps manufacturers significantly improve the brand packaging appeal and production efficiency, so that the tensile testing machine can be divided into two types: pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine. Consumers can obtain a more convenient and lasting product use experience

more transparent Shandong Star Hi Tech welcomes you to inquire about the high transparency, high strength and stable surface materials, which will bring clearer shelf effect to the products

more efficient. Compared with PE materials, each roll of labels can be nearly twice as much

more environmentally friendly because less raw materials are used, global MDO can reduce the output of solid wastes by 40%, and save the maximum height of 37 specimens: 65mm% energy

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