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Weichai Lovol agricultural machinery and tools Yunnan service team: local new year, epidemic prevention and service

Weichai Lovol agricultural machinery and tools Yunnan service team: it is the national advanced unit of circular economy, local new year, epidemic prevention and service are not wrong. Everyone has a detailed understanding of

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during the Spring Festival, many partners are celebrating holidays, but in Yunnan, Our baler users also baled sugarcane leaves in sugarcane fields. In order to fully ensure the normal operation of users and consider the safety issues during the epidemic, Weichai Lovol agricultural machinery market service personnel in Yunnan chose "local new year"

"after a busy year, I also want to go home for a happy new year, but the current epidemic situation is that it is likely to be quarantined after going home. When I return to the market, it is almost the end of February, and users can't afford to delay!" Zhou Shenglong, a service engineer who just returned from the sugarcane baling site, said

"originally, I wanted to go home for the new year, but now is the time when customers need us most. I'd better go back after the service is over. Customer satisfaction is the most important!" Wang Xiaojie, a service engineer who is repairing the machine, said with a smile

at noon in February in Yunnan, the scorching sun was in the sky, and the two men were concentrating on debugging the machine. After more than an hour, the vehicle finally went down to work again. However, the two men had already been sweating profusely, and the oil mud covered their whole bodies. Looking at the busy machine in the sugarcane field, the service staff showed a satisfied smile on their faces

it is such a group of Weichai Lovol people who stick to their posts. The core price of "customer satisfaction is our purpose" should pay special attention to the fact that values can be implemented, and Weichai Lovol heavy industry can also achieve a new leap forward in the first quarter

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