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Weichai leads "made in China" with cultural soft power

Weichai leads "made in China" with cultural soft power

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Guide: culture is the soul of enterprises. Over the past 65 years, with the spirit of reform and innovation, the courage to be the first in the world, and the indomitable perseverance, Weichai has grown from a simple manual workshop to a modern equipment manufacturing enterprise in Heilongjiang, a province with a high reputation and resources at home and abroad, helping enterprises to reduce production capacity. Since 1998, Weichai has developed new products accumulatively

culture is the soul of an enterprise. Over the past 65 years, with the spirit of reform and innovation, the courage to be the first in the world, and the indomitable perseverance, Weichai has grown from a simple manual workshop to a modern equipment manufacturing enterprise with a high reputation at home and abroad. Since 1998, Weichai has developed more than 5800 new products and applied for 506 patents; In 2010, the operating revenue was 9.1 billion yuan. The leap forward development of Weichai highlights the charm of cultural guidance and strategic drive

the establishment of corporate culture began with the "three rules of law"

13 years ago, the new leadership of Weichai made a solemn commitment to all employees: adhere to principles, dare to grasp and manage, don't be a good man, don't be a peace officer; Throw yourself down, do solid work, do practical things for the enterprise and do good things for the employees; Set an example, be honest and clean, and ask employees to do it. We should do it first... Over the years, the passion, and tolerance extended by the "three rules" have become an important connotation of Weichai corporate culture

Tan Xuguang, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Weichai holding group, said, "at the beginning of the reform, the enterprise's sales revenue was only 500million yuan, the welfare expenditure was 60million yuan, and more than 4000 veteran cadres didn't need money for water, electricity and electricity. Can such an enterprise survive! In order to promote the reform, I first removed my father. Some veteran cadres find someone to intercede, and often hear such words: he doesn't even recognize his father, but also recognizes you!"

"three rules" tells you in the most common language that the core values of employees, teams and shareholders are the same, and Tan Xuguang did it first. Tan Xuguang asked enterprise leaders to use culture to unify and build a value system commonly recognized by enterprises. In different periods of development, Weichai has put forward different requirements and achieved the purpose of cultural upgrading

walk into the subordinate enterprises of Weichai in Xi'an, Chongqing and other places, and feel the same passionate entrepreneurial culture. The original Weichai is a very pure state-owned enterprise. Weichai fully uses the market as a means to promote restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, effectively gives play to the cultural advantages of state-owned enterprises, and gradually straightens out and adjusts the mentality of cadres and employees of private enterprises with a communication and inclusive attitude

what's more valuable is that in the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, Weichai did not rely on government subsidies, but ultimately achieved development by relying on its internal hematopoietic function, and did not go anywhere to enclosure for real estate. Therefore, the person in charge of Shaanxi provincial government believes that Weichai can lead local enterprises to go better and is willing to hand over the management to Weichai, a foreign household. It is under this cultural value system that the output value of Weichai increased from 500 million yuan in 1998 to 91.1 billion yuan in 2010; From the first year of the current year when employees were unable to pay wages, to last year, the per capita wage was 56000 yuan

"introducing wolves into the house" and building a tiger wolf division

talents are the first demand for Weichai to achieve strategic transformation. After 2005, Weichai began to introduce intelligence from abroad to improve its R & D capabilities. Tan Xuguang said, "we want to build a division of tigers and wolves, occupy the market with a team, and lead innovation." Weichai's R & D team has grown from only 30 people in 1998 to nearly 1000 today. When the economy just recovered, Weichai introduced 30 doctoral talents overseas to improve the management quality of enterprises in the cultural collision. The impact power (or impact toughness) of insiders in enterprises will be discussed from large to small: in the past, they led a group of local leopards to make a revolution, but now they are leading a group of foreign leopards to make a revolution

a modern enterprise must have a modern management culture. From factory management to group management, Weichai has constantly innovated management methods and introduced foreign companies to conduct quality examination of enterprises, so as to improve Weichai's management intelligence and promote the formation of Weichai's advanced value system. Weichai not only hired retired executives from Boeing and Cummins at high salaries to improve the quality of the enterprise according to international standards, but also actively promoted the Weichai operation management system (WOS) project within the enterprise, and helped Weichai establish a set of continuous improvement system by introducing world-class management experience

at present, Weichai has a subsidiary group of more than 40 high-quality enterprises. Mergers and acquisitions have strengthened the strength of enterprises, but after the reorganization, how to promote the cultural integration between different enterprises? Weichai takes its own passion culture and the moral culture of Shaanxi heavy truck as the precious spiritual wealth of the group to absorb and integrate. In the reform and development of the enterprise, Weichai has kept pace with the times, and gradually cultivated the execution culture, passion culture, user-oriented culture, integration culture and thanksgiving culture, thus forming a "power culture" system with unique Weichai characteristics. It is under the leadership of this "power culture" that Weichai has developed from a single engine enterprise to an important pole in the world's equipment manufacturing industry

on the 20th, we saw in Weichai heavy machinery factory, foundry and general assembly workshop that potassium permanganate was reduced to manganese dioxide by microwave radiation. In addition to modern production equipment and advanced assembly lines, we can see the advanced management and culture of enterprises everywhere. In recent years, Weichai's products have always been reducing prices, but the profits have always been improving, which is optimized by management. In Weichai foundry base with an annual output of 200000 tons, the average labor productivity of the domestic industry is 60 tons/year · person, while that of Weichai is 120 tons/year · person, reaching the advanced level of the international industry

lead the future with innovation, hold high the banner of "smart manufacturing in China"

"no foreign top 500 enterprise will bring its core technology to China. Its technology research and development must be in the headquarters, and in China it is just a development link to adapt to the market." Tan Xuguang said. Based on this, Weichai has formed an innovation culture of integrating innovation resources "not for all, but for use"

from "borrowing" to "combining" and then to independent brand creation, Weichai has taken a path of continuous digestion, absorption and innovation in recent years. The Steyr engine brand introduced by Weichai from Austria has successfully expanded its scope of application to engineering machinery, power generation, shipbuilding and other fields after hundreds of domestic adaptation modifications and performance improvements. At present, the basic performance and various indicators of Weichai "blue engine" series engines have reached or exceeded the level of foreign advanced products of the same type

in the reserve research and development of product upgrading, Weichai cooperates with foreign professional research institutions to carry out joint research and development of products, and cooperates with domestic colleges and universities to carry out basic research. It has found a new way to speed up research and development with the help of external brain, and has initially formed a development pattern of production generation, storage generation and pre research generation. In recent years, with the development speed of more than 300 new products every year, the enterprise has continuously accelerated the pace of connecting products to users and markets. At present, the output value of new products of the enterprise has accounted for more than 40% of the total industrial output value

the Chinese nation is a nation full of wisdom. Weichai Power is to put people first, form a soft environment for smart creation, stimulate innovation power, and form a new "smart manufacturing" system. This is a realm that Weichai has been striving to pursue in recent years, rooted in China's traditional value system. At present, it has risen to the strategic level to guide the development of enterprises. China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs. At the 65th anniversary celebration of the founding of Weichai held on the 20th, standing at a new starting point of development, Tan Xuguang said with passion: "we are not a dream to create brilliance again, it is in our hands!"

Huang Shaoan, Dean of the Economic Research Institute of Shandong University, said that any century old enterprise has its unique and excellent corporate culture, and its success lies in taking sustainable innovation as a conscious internalization into the values of entrepreneurs and employees. Relying on talents and technology, Weichai pursues independent intellectual property rights, which not only enables enterprises to have sufficient production capacity and market, but also obtains sufficient profits. Such "Chinese intelligent manufacturing" is a leap forward from the tradition

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