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Weichai new energy power assembly wn20 completes 2400 km road test

Weichai new energy power assembly wn20 completes 2400 km road test

- meets the requirements of different test conditions; 15 China Construction Machinery Information

recently, the new energy powertrain wn20 independently developed by Weichai has successfully completed a 2400 km road test. The road test results show that many of its functions and performance have met the design requirements, and the fuel consumption is lower than the international advanced level of the same type, injecting a confidence into the small approval model operation of wn20 products this year

the team started from Weifang on June 26 and ended in Hangzhou, spanning Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. It experienced urban conditions, high-speed conditions, sunny, dry, humid and rainy weather conditions, and traveled more than 2400 kilometers back and forth for 7 days

vehicles participating in this road test, including 3 new energy buses and 2 new energy sanitation vehicles, should be processed with a test stick. One bus and two sanitation vehicles are equipped with wn20 system independently developed by new energy, and the other two buses are benchmarking vehicles of international advanced hybrid power system. The engineers of the new energy control and calibration team followed the car to collect data and analyzed the data

the analysis results showed that the wn20 system functioned normally and the extended industrial chain could adapt to various working conditions, including uphill, downhill, high-speed, urban and suburban, overtaking, etc; All components are stable and reliable; The SOC of the battery is kept in the best range; The whole vehicle is comfortable; The fuel consumption of new energy buses is better than that of standard vehicles

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