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Guide: Recently, in a busy transportation line in the south of the Qinling Mountains, Weichai Power Co., Ltd. and Hanzhong Xinlong sales company held a fuel-efficient power Weichai Xingxin power customer visit and test drive in Hanzhong region. The activity location we chose is on the roadside of the national highway. Why did we choose here

recently, on a busy transportation line in the south of the Qinling Mountains, Weichai Power Co., Ltd. and Hanzhong Xinlong sales company held a "fuel-efficient power Weichai line" and "heart" power customer visit and test drive in Hanzhong

"the place we chose for the event is on the roadside of the national highway. Why is it here? Because this is the place closest to users. Holding the event here can allow more truck drivers to experience the performance of Weichai engines. Through the mouth of users, we can convey the advantages of our products to more truck users. What we hope most is that the real advantages of Weichai products can be seen and felt by users." Jiang Tao, truck market manager of Weichai Power Co., Ltd. maintenance service center, said at the event

in this experience activity, wp6.180 and wp10.290 are displayed, which are two engines strongly recommended by Weichai Power in Hanzhong region. Wp6.180, as the main "player" of "heart" power, has won high praise from users present

experience and word-of-mouth help quality

"this activity we invited many old users who have purchased our products. They hope to try the truck loaded with wp6.180 and wp10.290 engines. In addition, (2) considering the range of the experimental machine, they also brought some driver friends who have not used our products. They have not been in contact with Weichai engines before. They want to take this opportunity to experience it." Xiongxiaoyong, sales manager of Hanzhong Xinlong sales company, told me. Not only that, there are many drivers who are attracted by the scene

the users on site are very active, and several of them have been discussing the location of the engine. "I just bought a new Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, equipped with Weichai engine and hande axle. My car is very good and runs very vigorously. There is nothing to say in terms of fuel economy. Compared with the car used before, it can save a lot of fuel money. It is said that he saved tens of thousands of yuan by running 200000 kilometers a quarter after he stepped down the gangway. The logistics situation in recent years is not better than before, as long as he can save it as if he earns it. So such a good engine, I'll bring my friend to have a try. " The user, Master Zhang, was pulled aside by his friends to continue chatting about the engine

Jiang Tao said: "Weichai Power has upgraded the structure of the engine body. In addition to the PW fuel injection pump, it has also optimized the structure of fuel injectors, superchargers, pistons and other aspects, so as to ensure that the engine can further save fuel and reduce the consumption of dozens of well-known enterprises. Nbsp; it discusses the development trend of new automotive materials. Secondly, Weichai Power forms the best relationship between low-speed engine and torque converter according to the relationship between the rated engine speed, maximum output torque and engine fuel consumption Good matching technology enables the working area of the engine to shift from the high fuel consumption area to the low fuel consumption area, so as to realize the fuel saving of the power system; At the same time, the application of electromagnetic thermostatic fan enables the fan speed to be automatically adjusted according to the change of water temperature in the engine return pipe, which greatly reduces the useless loss of the engine fan, thereby reducing the engine fuel consumption. Therefore, Weichai's engine is not only good in power, but also fuel-efficient, and truly solves the worries of users. "

xiongxiaoyong told him that more than one user on the scene reflected his interest in Weichai engine. A user carefully observed the truck loaded with wp6.180 engine. He told him that what he liked was the engine, "this engine is in line with my current work, and it will not be wasted. Just sat up and tried it, and I felt it was just right for me."

"pay attention" service pay attention

it is reported that the heavy truck market in Hanzhong has developed relatively well in recent years, not only the urban construction in Hanzhong, but also many large steel mills have appeared around, greatly increasing the demand for trucks. Before this event, trucks and engines of other brands have entered the regional market, but now Weichai Power will go deep into the region

"users have given us the greatest support. Many users have reported that our engine not only has outstanding performance in power and fuel economy, but also our service makes users very satisfied." Jiang Tao told

the staff of Hanzhong Xinlong sales company said, "how can the machine not be broken in the process of use? But if it is broken, we will rush to the site for maintenance at the first time. We hope to retain users in the later maintenance service. Among them, there is the support of Weichai Power. Therefore, with our cooperation, we now have many loyal users."

as the staff member said, the service of Weichai Power has been recognized by local users, so it has achieved good results one after another. "In the sales process, the first machine is sold by the salesperson, and then it is sold indirectly because of the efforts of the service staff. Only good service can let us go deep into Hanzhong region. Customer satisfaction is our purpose, so we should do a better job in service and make customers more satisfied." Jiang Tao said

"I'm always very satisfied with the after-sales service of Weichai engine. Because the price of Weichai engine parts is too high compared with the accessories on the market, it's a lot of pressure for self-employed people like me, so when repairing the vehicle, I went to the repair shop to get a cheap one. The old saying that cheap or bad goods are all right, and the parts I bought broke down within a few months. Later, I called the maintenance personnel of Xinlong, and they replaced me with Weichai hair The parts of the motivation have been in good condition for 8 or 9 months. Not only that, the maintenance technician will also care about the current situation of the car, which makes me feel more at ease when driving. " Master Zhang said

it is understood that Weichai has 4500 national III service stations, and the original national III service stations will be upgraded for skill training to meet the after-sales service needs of National IV diesel engines. As of May 1 this year, more than 700 person times of National IV training have been carried out. At present, Hanzhong has not enforced the National IV standard, but the implementation of the National IV standard is the general trend. At that time, Weichai will calmly provide users with all-round services

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