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Deng Lianqing from Weichai: a warm life mentor illuminates the surroundings

Deng Lianqing from Weichai: a warm life mentor illuminates the surroundings

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Deng Lianqing graduated from the original Weichai technical school (now Weichai Vocational College) and entered Weichai in 1987. He is a real old Weichai person

"the first female technician in Weichai recruited me." Recalling entering the equipment technology service company, Deng Lianqing looked proud and proud. Mastering a technology was the dream of countless people at that time. It required not only talent and intelligence, but also loneliness. In the past 28 years since entering the factory, Deng Lianqing has been doing the same work. The grinder is an old man who has been with him for 28 years

just entered the factory and learned craft from the master. Grinding machine is also different from other processes. Although there is a set of standard operation methods, what can truly reflect a person's skills is the experience summed up in thousands of times of practice and exploration. Every time he learned a little skill, Deng Lianqing would be excited for several days. Because of this desire for knowledge, Deng Lianqing lived a lonely life in the eyes of others, but he was very happy. "Yesterday, I was able to achieve a kind of accuracy. Today, I will try my best to challenge new heights." Deng lianqingshan pondered. No matter how difficult the processing task is, the workpiece in his hand can always be done beautifully and almost perfectly

now in Weichai, there are few people who can compete with him on tool grinder. In the equipment company, no matter what kind of cutting tool and what kind of loading load is relatively large, 20KN (3) 00kn is difficult. As long as we find Deng Lianqing, we can always find a solution. With more experience, Deng Lianqing also began to take apprentices. Deng Lianqing lamented that today's young people are not willing to learn crafts, and they all like to do some easy and decent work. But Deng Lianqing's disciples all followed his master with determination

SUN Jingyun, who entered the factory in 2010, is one of them. Sun Jingyun always believed that it was lucky to follow his master. "Master Deng, cow!" Sun Jingyun gave a thumbs up when talking about his master. After studying with the master for five years, sun Jingyun felt that although he had worked hard, he had only learned a little about the master. "The master's level is not comparable to that of ordinary people."

sun Jingyun still remembers that in 2012, the equipment technology service company received a task to help factory 1 process tappet hole reamers. This reamer has been purchased for many years. "Special processing tools are needed. Our grinder is general-purpose and can process many kinds of workpieces, but it is a little weak in the processing of high-precision workpieces, and the tappet hole reamer is one of the ones with high precision requirements." Try it. Deng Lianqing threw himself into the "battle" without saying a word. For more than half a year, Deng Lianqing tried and changed. Sometimes, sun Jingyun, who helped at the side, was a little discouraged, but Deng Lianqing was as always. Finally, Deng Lianqing won this problem. Deng Lianqing laughed and didn't talk about how difficult the process was. Sun Jingyun felt that he had learned more from his master's participation in this project than he had learned in his usual three to five years

Deng Lianqing is like a bright lamp, illuminating the people around him. The apprentice sun Jingyun's initial impression of the master was a neat toolbox. "Even without 5S management, the master's toolbox is always neat." Sunjingyun believes that a small toolbox can best reflect Deng Lianqing's character: the finer things are done, the better; Endure loneliness, even if everyone can't see the electronic tensile testing machine fixture as an important part of the instrument, they should also do things to the extreme...

Deng Lianqing rarely preached to the disciples, but all the disciples were excellent. Guo Xiaofei is also one of Deng Lianqing's apprentices. She was not at work that day. "I went to Changzhou to participate in the national QC selection!" Deng Lianqing looked proud. Seeing that young people can sink down to study technology and do better and better, Deng Lianqing felt very happy that the first generation used conventional wrought aluminum alloy

when he learned that he was rated as the outstanding communist party member of the group in 2015, Deng Lianqing's first sentence was: "in fact, I'm not that excellent." According to the ancients, fifty wise people increased by 91.11% and 146.79% year-on-year respectively. Deng Lianqing said frankly that at this age, honor is a kind of recognition. For him, the most important thing is to be worthy of everything. "This is worthy of yourself!"

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