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Weichai Lovol heavy industry dressed up to participate in the 129th "online" Canton Fair

Weichai Lovol heavy industry dressed up to participate in the 129th "online" Canton Fair

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on April 15, the 129th "online" Canton Fair officially opened in 2021. The Canton Fair is China's largest comprehensive international trade event, known as "China's first exhibition". Weichai Lovol heavy industry has participated in more than 30 Canton fairs in total emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Affected by the epidemic, the 127th Canton Fair in 2020 began to adopt the online exhibition mode, and Weichai Lovol heavy industry also actively participated in and made serious preparations for the 129th online Canton Fair

at this Canton Fair, Weichai Lovol heavy industry prepared in advance many recommended materials, including agricultural equipment and engineering machinery. The test load is about 70% to 90% of the range of the tensile testing machine, which is a good new product. Among them, Lovol p4000 Series tractors have a power of 80 ~ 110 horsepower, and adopt power shift technology, which is suitable for multi-functional dry and paddy field operations; Lovol GM100 series harvester adopts longitudinal axial flow technology, which can be used for multiple purposes. It can harvest a variety of crops with high operation efficiency, more than 3 hectares/hour. It is the most promising harvester and can receive pension according to the agreed conditions until death; "Harvest stars" in the eyes of the elderly after their death. These new products will also be released simultaneously to the global mainstream market on the media platform to help expand the territory of overseas markets

in order to let users fully understand the advantages of the product, Weichai Lovol heavy industry has carried out various forms of online live broadcast activities, such as technical experts will lead you to understand the product solutions, research and development concepts, adaptability to working conditions, configuration advantages, etc. In the later stage of the exhibition, it will also be combined with the live broadcast of field work demonstration, so that users can experience the performance of products more intuitively. In addition, the reception team of Weichai Lovol heavy industry will serve customers all day and answer customers' questions at the first time

at present, Weichai Lovol heavy industry has built thousands of distribution networks covering more than 120 countries and regions around the world. In the future, Weichai Lovol heavy industry will integrate into the domestic and international dual cycle, continue to layout and implement the globalization strategy, focus on the agricultural equipment industry, lead innovation with science and technology, and win the market with products

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