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The brand value of Weichai Power is 20.108 billion yuan, which is of great significance

the brand value of Weichai Power is 20.108 billion yuan, which is of great significance

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on December 12, 2015, China's brand value evaluation information was released in Beijing. With brand strength of 86.25 points and brand value of 20.108 billion yuan, Weichai Power won the first place in the brand value of China's machinery manufacturing industry and attracted the attention of all sectors of society

what does "20.108 billion" mean for an enterprise? What is the significance of brand management to enterprises? How to use brand to promote market development in international operation? For this reason, the author talks with Wang Zude, the brand director of Weichai Power, and interprets the road of brand construction of Weichai

Author: Recently, China's brand value evaluation information was released. Weichai Power won the first place in machinery manufacturing with a brand value of 20.18 billion yuan. What do you think of this brand value evaluation? What does 20.108 billion yuan mean for Weichai Power

Wang Zude: I think it is very necessary for us to cut off the power supply at the same time. It is a very good thing to have such a brand value evaluation mechanism in China, which shows that countries, industries, enterprises, markets and customers have begun to pay attention to the construction of brands, and regard the intangible asset of brands as an important enterprise asset different from the left and right cavities of hydraulic cylinders, and even regard the construction of brands as the construction of core competitiveness, It has become a kind of business philosophy and ideological innovation for the state to guide enterprises to change mode and adjust structure

Weichai won the first place in machinery manufacturing in this brand evaluation, which is an affirmation of Weichai's past unremitting efforts and achievements. The evaluation of the brand value of 20.108 billion yuan, in simple words: if any international manufacturer wants to rent Weichai's brand to engage in product production and sales today, the brand licensing fee he should pay is 20.108 billion yuan

such brand value cannot be achieved casually. After knowing the extraordinary significance represented by this number, we should cherish and cherish our brand, continue to promote our brand construction, update and understand the latest brand knowledge from time to time, do not do anything harmful to the brand image and brand value, and constantly add value to our brand, so that all Weichai people, even all Chinese people, are proud of owning a brand like Weichai

the author: with the continuous development of the enterprise, Weichai has built a coordinated development pattern of four industrial sectors: powertrain, complete vehicle, hydraulic control and auto parts, with many subordinate brands. In brand management, how can Weichai give full play to the advantages of various brands to form the brand synergy of Weichai, which is the "ancestor" of the experimental machine family

Wang Zude: the business structure of the enterprise is not afraid of many and scattered. If all ownership companies or sub brands can understand, embrace and practice the core values of Weichai's parent brand, and can provide overall brand division and supplementary support in their respective brands and fields, they don't have to worry about a wide range of businesses. On the contrary, if you don't have the concept of brand management, don't understand the operation and mechanism of the brand, and do things at will, even if the business is concentrated and the product is single, it is just a piece of sand, and you can't form the cohesive force of the brand

parent and sub brand management is an important science in enterprise management. The parent brand can bring protection, inspiration and endorsement to its sub brands, while the sub brand can bring support, renewal and promotion to the parent brand. We have firm confidence, follow clear strategic guidance, and continue to promote and act. The synergy of Weichai brand will be everywhere

Author: in the future, how can Weichai further expand the international influence of the brand and use the brand to drive the development of the market

Wang Zude: brand influence is a relative concept. Weichai's influence in China is obviously greater than that in the Asia Pacific region, and Weichai's influence in the Asia Pacific region is greater than that in the world. In general, Weichai's influence is gradually expanding, especially the sponsorship of Ferrari F1 team, so that more and more people around the world know the Weichai brand

when the internationalization process of Weichai has developed to the present stage with complete global layout and initial scale, we should think about brand construction from the following two levels: first, how to form a unified brand image cognition of Weichai on a global scale? The second is how to focus on brand promotion in various markets around the world

the spread of mergers and acquisitions of overseas enterprises can enhance Weichai's international popularity, but mergers and acquisitions do not happen every day after all. How to realize the value of one plus one greater than two for the enterprises merged by Weichai, and how to become a successful and outstanding enterprise in the industry, is the basis for forming a far-reaching influence. The mode of building factories locally requires a brand feeling of sharing weal and woe and living in a community with the local market or regional market. For the way of technology transfer, it is necessary to establish a brand influence of Weichai with mature, easy-to-use, sufficient and practical technology. The market of product direct selling needs to form a brand intimacy like a partner

no matter what kind of business model, Weichai's professional and dedicated attitude of creating "heart" should be the main melody of Weichai's overseas communication. In this way, we can achieve a unified global brand image, and at the same time, we can use CBD (5) 00 electronic pendulum impact tester to test its room temperature impact performance, which has the brand influence that different markets in different regions focus on

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